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if your cargo makes you money, why compromise?

FRIO Trucks are equipped to meet and exceed industry standards.

we invest in our business, to take care of yours.

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Standards - A Mark of Commitment

We have invested in equipping FRIO Trucks with GPS Trackers, Immobilisers, and safety equipment, and driver training programmes to make sure your cargo arrives just the way we picked it up. Additionally, we are in the midst of gaining international certifications to handle sector-specific cargo.

Efficiency = Lower Cost

With an average fleet age of 6 months old, our trucks are spanking new. This helps us achieve lower cost per km, lower emissions, and better reliability, all of which helps us achieve our mission of providing simple, reliable, and efficient cold logistics solutions in Malaysia. 


Wide Range of Temperature Choices

We understand that in the business of Temperature Controlled Logistics, its important to get and maintain just the right temperature throughout the journey. That's why, FRIO Trucks are equipped with some of the best air-conditioning systems to help us maintain temperature accuracy, regardless of the conditions outside.

Size Does Matter

In an industry where margins are a cause for concern, getting your cargo moved by the right sized trucks can make a whole lot of difference. There won't be a need to pay more for oversized trucks, when all your require is a nimble mid-sized truck to cater to your needs. Getting the size right keeps your trip cost cheaper, and your margins, larger. 


Eager to get moved? Just say Hello!

We are here to assist. Get yourself a free quote, or simply drop your details, and we'll get in touch.

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