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Temperature Controlled Logistics. 

Simple. Efficient. Reliable.

when your customers depend on you

who will you count on?

offering you services to cover the needs of cold logistics.

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this is why you'd want us

Just like you, we put your loved ones first. Everything we create is meant to secure the future of your loved ones.

here's why we are better

We know  your cargo is important to you, so we ensure that it is handled with tender loving care right from the start, to the end - keeping the smile on your face.

Our end-to-end solutions are designed to manage a range of temperature conditions to suit the needs of different types of cargo in transit or storage.

Timely deliveries are important, especially when it involves temperature-sensitive cargo. Our commitment to excel comes with a 95%* on time guarantee.

All trucks are fitted with GPS tracking systems, keeping their journeys easily trackable, and your cargo safer throughout its journey.

Why spend more on storage? We offer simple, cost-efficient cold storage facilities & solutions to keep your cargo cool, and your cost low.

Speak to us any time, any day. We are just a phone call away when you have questions, queries, or would just like to say hello!

Hello! It's always fun making new friends.
if you prefer to speak to us, include your number, and let us give you a ring.

Suite A-5-2, Intania Klang, 

Jalan Intan KS/1, Teluk Gadung Besar

41200, Klang,

Selangor, Malaysia

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